How Google is Trying to Make Passwords Easier and Better

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How Google is Trying to Make Passwords Easier and Better

This is the first question that comes up when you start using social media accounts, how to create a secure password, and how to manage it later to protect your accounts. Today you will come to know about how Google is Trying to Make Passwords Easier. For that, we will first know how to create passwords that are as secure as possible, and then you will continue with a series of recommendations to manage them later and strengthen the security of your online accounts.

You have to keep in mind that today’s password security is something secondary when it comes to protecting yourself since the most important thing is how you manage those passwords later.

How to create a strong password and How Google is Trying to Make Passwords Easier and Better

For starters, what you never have to do is use short passwords that can be obtained through social engineering, such as your pet’s name, important dates for you, or postal codes. Also do not make classic substitutions such as changing an e for a three or one or a 0, since they are tricks that cybercriminals know, and watch the lists of the worst passwords to know what you NEVER have to use.

Do not focus on predefined criteria and formulas. This means that you forget that in a password, you have to have certain alphanumeric characters, that one of them has to be in uppercase and that another is a symbol. Cybercriminals also know all these classic formulas, so it is one of the things they will try to guess what you have.

It is also significant that you make use of passwords that are simple to keep in mind but hard to deduce. A very effective means is to use combinations of several words, which, although they have no logical relationship between them, you can relate to remember.

It has been proven that this technique is more effective than simply combining uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters in a short password. These are not only predefined formulas of those that you have already recommended not to use, but they end up being so intricate that sometimes they end up being so difficult to remember that they lose all sense.

If you are looking for a password as strong as possible, you can use resources such as the ZXCVBN estimator, an open-source tool created by Dropbox, to estimate the strength of passwords. Many strength meters that appear on the websites when creating a password are not accurate, so based on the Dropbox, you can create much better passwords.

This is how Google Make Passwords Easier.

How to manage them to protect your accounts

Unfortunately, today it is of little use to have taken the inconvenience to create a good password if we do not manage them correctly, which in the medium and long term can lead to minimizing their effectiveness.

One of the main recommendations is not to reuse passwords on more than one website. Try to have a different password on each website so that if someone manages to crack one of your passwords or gets it thanks to a leak, they cannot use it to access your accounts on more than one website or online service.

Try not to share your passwords with anyone else, since doing so greatly increases the chances of them falling into bad hands. This may be because the person with whom you share them uses them to access your accounts, but also because they do not know how to keep them securely, and a third party ends up knowing them.

It is essential to alter your passwords after some time. Protecting your passwords does not always depend on you 100%, as there may be leaks that expose them online. That is why it is important to change your passwords so that if they end up leaking, you can prevent someone from using them.

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